About Us

With the motto, “Take the Nightmare out of Nitrile”, Nitrile Direct was launched in the Fall of 2020. Finally there is a nitrile glove source with best possible pricing, low minimum orders and first class service for the front line medical worker and other critical industries across the U.S.

About Us

We Are Here to Help.

The Nitrile Direct team has origins with one partner dedicated to
helping Native American tribes get best possible access to a myriad of
products and services as well as PPE.

The other partner continuing a family tradition in the medical field by
making sure senior citizens in northwest Iowa get the best possible
pricing and service on hearing aids.

Jeff Bedbury and Luke Jorgensen had been friends for over 15 years
when Covid 19 made its way into the U.S in early 2020. Little did they
know that they would soon be taking on an entirely new challenge with
the same priorities in a volatile new medical product category.

Nitrile Gloves.

When Luke’s dad, Dr. Daniel Jorgensen MD and brothers Dr. Seth
Jorgensen DDS and Dr. Ben Jorgensen DDS made it clear they were
having their own nitrile glove challenges, it was time to get to work.

“Finally a Nitrile Glove source my team can count on for best prices, realistic order minimum and no glove size order restrictions”
– Dr. Seth Jorgensen DDS

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